Haskell roguelike - Conclusion

Posted on April 2, 2018

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That is about as far as I can take this example, without it getting too complicated for a blog post. I hope that if you have made it all the way to the end of these posts you’ll have a good idea of how to implement all the fundamentals. You’ll probably have many ideas to improve on what I’ve done. The code base still weighs in at around 1400 lines of Haskell and I think that is pretty impressive for how much the game already can/could do.

I hope that these posts have been useful and give you some ideas for how to implement roguelikes or anything else really :)

The code is available on github. See the source.zip archive or the _Source directory for the code without all the tags used by my Hakyl include compiler. These are both created when the makefile is run.

Comments thread on /r/haskell subreddit

Some ideas

Here are some ideas for features you could implement.

As always look around to see what other people have done. RogueBasin was a great source of information for me



Thank you for reading this far, happy coding.


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